In this video instructional piece we cover the recovery positions based on your shot. One of the most common instructional myths is that you should recover to the middle of the baseline after each shot you hit. While there is some truth to that, you’ll see that it isn’t what pros do on every shot they hit. We’ll also dispel the myth of the proper recovery position when going down the line. Learn from the pros by watching them.

  • When you hit down the line you should recover to the same half you hit the shot to, or to the middle of the court most of the time.
  • When you hit crosscourt, you should recover on the side where you hit the shot from.
  • When you hit to the middle of your opponents court, if you hit any angle on the ball, stay slightly on the side you hit the ball from.
  • Players featured in this video are Grigor Dimitrov and Jeremy Chardy.


Recovery Positions in Singles (3)Recovery Positions in Singles (1)